Richard Failla, Owner / Teacher
Yoga and  Law Enforcement.  Richard’s two passions couldn’t be more different.  Since 1985, Richard has been a full time Police Officer for the Town of Westport.  In 2006, he became a certified yoga teacher.  Richard’s interest in yoga developed on the recommendation of his dog walker.  “Take a class,”  she said.  “You’ll love it.” 

And love it, he does.  Richard’s passion quickly grew from yoga student to yoga teacher, to studio owner.  Yoga has brought balance and personal enrichment between his two careers.

Richard is certified in both Bikram Yoga (2006) and Baptiste Level I (2011), opening Fairfield Hot Yoga in January 2010.

Between teaching, deepening his own practice and patrolling the streets of Westport, Richard is a busy guy.  But he finds time to break away from it all and enjoy time on his motorcycle as often as possible.  His tough schedule and drive to succeed are an inspiration to us all.  Find him either at the studio or on the streets of Westport…


Abbey Chase, Studio Manager / Teacher
Looking for a complement to her running during the cold weather, Abbey discovered yoga. Her brother introduced her to a Bikram studio, in Boston, MA. After maximizing the use of her one-week unlimited special, she was hooked. Addicted. Could not practice enough. But she wanted more than to simply practice five times a week. She wanted to share her passion.

Teaching and Managing Fairfield Hot Yoga reflects her passion to share yoga and allows her to use professional expertise from her work experience in corporate America. Yoga has truly been a catalyst for Abbey to grow, evolve and continuously discover herself while achieving personal satisfaction in a career she truly enjoys. She works with students from age four to 84 with all types of developmental and physical challenges, including many local varsity and college level athletic teams.  Abbey has found a way to blend all her passions together.   


Stephanie Christman, Hot Yoga Teacher
At the encouragement of her Qigong teacher in New York City, Stephanie began practicing yoga in 1998. She was instantly enthralled by the practice and followed her passion to many studios and teachers around Manhattan. As she studied several styles of Hatha yoga including Ashtanga and Anusara, her interest in Hinduism and the more esoteric branches of yoga was piqued. She became a student of Swami Tathagatananda at the Vedanta Society and trained in Art of Living meditation. 

During a trip to San Francisco to visit friends, Stephanie discovered Bikram yoga. She was impressed by how energized and elevated she felt following each practice and by the end of a week she was hooked.

When she moved to Milan in 2003 Stephanie again enjoyed practicing different styles of yoga but found herself craving the hot yoga series. She went to Bikram Yoga teacher training in Los Angeles in 2005 and has enjoyed teaching in the Fairfield County area ever since.To enrich her instruction, Stephanie completed a yoga therapeutics course with Mitchell Bleier and Yoga for Trauma Survivors at Kripalu. 

Alexia Papadopoulos, Hot Yoga Teacher

While working in the medical field Alexia found through countless conversations with patients about their injuries, that full body pain was a far to common occurrence . Because of this Alexia decided she wanted to help. In spring of 2014, after years of consistently maintaining a daily practice Alexia made the trip to Los Angeles California to attend Bikram Yoga College of India. While there, she was awarded with the "English Bulldog" award. Immediately following her graduation, Alexia hit the ground running taking the opportunity to teach her first few classes at Bikram Yoga International Headquarters. Today you can find Alexia teaching around the Fairfield county area as a full time Yoga instructor. Alexia is committed to helping heal others through yoga. And to continue her commitment to the study and practice of yoga, Alexia plans on adding Vinyasa to her resume.  Outside of yoga, you'll be sure to find Alexia spending time with her four legged best friend, Baby.

Janelle Braig - Power Vinyasa Teacher

Judy Orr - Power Vinyasa Teacher

When Judy first stepped onto her mat and realized what life changing principles and connections yoga has to offer she was hooked. After spending many years practicing different styles of yoga which included Bikram, Vinyasa, Dharma Mittra and Jiva Mukti, she began her journey as a teacher in 2013.

Since then Judy completed both 200 & 300hr Teacher Training Certifications. Her teaching style has blossomed further from attending workshops led by inspirational teachers.

Judy’s certifications include:

  • Foundations of Thai Yoga
  • Restorative Yoga
  • Yin Yoga
  • Y12SR for Addiction
  • Reiki

Judy brings to her class humor, energy and lightheartedness. She combines a challenging Vinyasa flow with attention to breath, alignment and yogic philosophy. All while encouraging her students to practice their yoga off their mats in their everyday lives.

Leah Bey-Wagner - Hot Yoga Teacher

Molly Gorman - Power Vinyasa Teacher

I like yoga because it makes me happy; it’s really as simple as that.  I started practicing Bikram yoga when I was studying abroad in Australia- really out of shape and really far from home. After years of only 26 postures, changing both my body and my brain, I fell in love with the fun and never-ending creativity that Vinyasa had to offer. I always found Vinyasa classes to be intimidating and unapproachable as a beginner, so when I decided to complete my 200HrTT at New York Yoga in NYC, I vowed to create an environment that is approachable and most importantly fun for all levels. Yoga means something different to everybody, so no matter what brings you to your mat, I hope you leave feeling refreshed, accomplished, and a little bit happier. 




This is Yogi, our studio mascot.  He may look intimidating, but is a big teddy bear.  Throw him his ball, and he won't let you leave.  Oh, and did we say he's not a dog?  Rich's son.